BB Gandanghari reassures fans that she is “perfectly okay” after concerning Instagram picture

Was the journey of becoming a Hollywood actress too much for BB Gandanghari? Last time we heard, the transgender star was already signed with an agency but is still auditioning for television roles. On top of that, she also had to juggle a day job to survive the cutthroat industry.

Maybe everything that happened took a toll on BB Gandanhari’s health? People grew concerned for the actress as she posted a “disturbing mood shot” on social media last July 2.

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The picture in question showed a haggard-looking BB leaning face first on a brick wall. She looked exhausted and concerningly skinny. However, there’s no cause for alarm because that’s the whole look she was going for.

Her Instagram caption read: “#DeadEND” and the other hashtags used suggested that there was a theme to the photo shoot.

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She replied to the people who took time to comment on their concern and said:

“That’s the whole point.”

“Calm down… i’m perfectly ok…” 

Watch the video below:

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