How Solenn defended husband Nico kindly

GMA Kapuso actress Solenn Huessaff and husband Nico Bolzico,

is one of the most popular and favorite celebrity couples on social media. This two surely knows how to entertain their fans by just being themselves.

With their official hashtag, #sosbolz you will come across in their cutest and funniest pictures and videos that will make you die of laughter and wish to have a relationship like them.

On Solenn’s recent post on her Instagram account,

it can be seen how she is cutting off the bandage in Nico’s ankles.

As per the usual reaction of their supporters, they find Nico’s accent to be hilarious and Solenn is completely aware of this.

She even makes fun of her husband when it’s talking.

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The caption on the said was one of the proofs she does.

But one netizen commented differently saying,

Which the actress humbly replied with just simply answering the girl’s question and stating the fact that they both enjoy what they do when they’re together.

However, other artists find it silly and left a subtle comment using emojis only.

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Other fans, defended the couple as well.

While some say Solenn proves how good she really is as a person for not fighting against the person who left the rude comment.

She also showed how much happiness she has with her relationship with Nico

and that no matter how much hate they will get,

she will still be proud of her loving husband.

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This showbiz couple just made us love them even more!

Truly they are #relationshipgoals.


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