OMG, the Internet just found Lebron James’ doppelganger in the Philippines!

What is Lebron James doing in the Philippines?!

Basketball fans were sent abuzz yesterday after a certain Joshua Barraca discovered the long-lost sibling of the NBA star. While in a jeepney, the netizen was shocked to see that sitting just right beside him was his idol, nay, Lebron’s doppelganger. He then sneaked a few snapshots just as the passenger was sleeping.

“Nakatabi ko si idol sa jeep kanina. Akala ko ba Lakers ka na?”

The joke was a reference to Lebron’s decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers just a few weeks ago. Previously, he has played for Cleveland Cavaliers, his original team, then for Miami Heat, where he stayed for a short four years.

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Aside from observations about his eerily familiar looks, many took note that the guy was wearing Adidas clothing in the comments section. Pretty ironic, as Lebron is a known ambassador of Nike for how many years now. He even has his own line, the Lebron James Collection, complete with all-things basketball: caps, shirts, and the most in-demand, shoes.

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For the first time ever, fans have stopped talking about the recent FIBA basketball—thanks to Lebron’s twin!

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