Generous Kuya Wil gifts 121-year-old granny plenty of presents

Countless times we have witnessed Willie Revillame, who we fondly address as Kuya Wil, relentlessly share his blessings to lucky – and mostly random – recipients. However, the most recent person to feel his generosity might just be the most deserving yet. Introducing 121-year-old granny, Fatima Sancula!

Upon walking on shaky legs towards the center stage, the elderly lady was in high spirits. She was showing great zeal, saying how blissful she feels for reaching such an unthinkable age.

“My birthday is 1896, June 20!”

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When asked by Kuya Wil about her spouse and children, Lola Fatima confessed that she never had a husband nor kids. Nonetheless, she is happy and even managed to spark hilarity.

“I’m very sorry because wala akong anak. Wala [rin akong naging asawa]. Mayro’n akong boyfriend! Pagka-gandang lalaki! He’s a basketball player, pero ayoko na. Once, nasilip ko siya na niloloko ako. Ayoko na! I b[roke up with him]!”

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Kuya Wil then expressed his gratitude to Lola Fatima for paying a visit to his variety program. She then shared that “Wowowin” is her favorite show.

“Dinalaw ko ang Wowowin dahil [it] is my favorite in the TV. When mag-aalas singko na, do’n na ako sa TV. Masaya ako! Masaya ako talaga! Pati ‘yong mga dancers, gustong gusto ko. At saka ‘yong magbigay ka ng pera o kahon.”

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Her jubilant character at her advanced age, of course, prompted the staple host to provide her with plenty of gifts such as a jacket, medicinal supplements, mobile phones, a karaoke kitPHP 10,000 worth of cash, a “Wil”-chair, a free ride on her way home, and a whole lot more.

Prior to the end of her guesting, Kuya Wil shared that he often prioritizes helping the elderly like Lola Fatima.

Watch the entire “Wowowin” segment featuring Lola Fatima below.

SOURCE: Kami | Youtube
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-15 Youtube

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