Netizen refuses to pay debt, causes uproar on social media

A riled – up netizen posted a series of screenshots of a conversation he had with one of his friends on his Facebook account last July 1, 2018.

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The concerned party decided to help a friend out and lend him P5,500 but after weeks of waiting, it seemed like his friend had no intentions of paying him back.

He then proceeded to send messages to his friend through Facebook messenger asking for updates about when he plans to pay him back.

But every time the netizen would politely bring up the issue of payment, his friend would go on the defensive and start complaining that the netizen was being too harsh on him.

This went on for days until the concerned party noticed that his friend “unfriended” him on Facebook, making the profile page inaccessible to him.

When he brought this up in their conversation, asking if this was his friend’s strategy to run away from his debt, his friend became defensive again and started throwing insults at him, even defending his action of unfriending the concerned netizen as acceptable since he did not completely block him.

This started a long exchange of insults and threats between the two parties.

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After this exchange, the concerned netizen threatened to post their conversation publicly on Facebook but the friend simply rose to the challenge and even claimed that he would leave a comment on the post.

The post of the concerned netizen has reached over 1,800 likes, 1,800 comments, and more than 2,500 shares across the platform since he posted it.

Some Facebook friends of the netizen shared the same sentiments and even offered some advice.

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