Meet Sofia Ignacio, the lovely daughter of celebrity-politician Arnell Ignacio

Arnell Ignacio started out as an all-around talent in the showbiz industry before entering the world of politics. During his heyday, he made a name for himself as an actor, a TV host, and a comedian. Today, he is the current Deputy Director for the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Aside from being a celebrity and a public official, the 54-year-old is also a father to up-and-coming star Sofia Ignacio. 

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In a recent television guesting on the talk-show “Mars”, Arnell and his grown-up daughter joined TV hosts Suzi Abrera and Camille Prats,  and fellow guest stars Michelle Dee and Kiko Estrada for a fun conversation. During the chat, these celebrities talked about fashion and other topics.

Talking about fashion, Sofia Ignacio described herself as a simple dresser.

“I’m a simple dresser. But, eventually, ‘di ba I get something? Iyong debut gown, that’s the most expensive na. That’s about it.”

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Arnell Ignacio, on the other hand, explained why most people nowadays are not easily impressed by fashion labels. According to him, most people today are more focused on a person’s substance rather than their outward appearance.

“Dati kasi kapag naglabas ka, mayabang ka. Dati kasi kapag mahal ang gamit mo, impressed kaagad sila. Ngayon, mas tinitignan na iyong substance.”

When Arnell was asked about his thoughts on the sultry photos of Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles on social media, he answered in the most hilarious way possible.

“Tignan mo sila together pa rin. Iyon pala ang dapat gawin ng mga bata! Si Troy and Aubrey tignan mo ang tagal na!”

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Towards the end of the interview, Sofia Ignacio revealed she is shocked by Kris Aquino’s opulent lifestyle

“For me, it’s Kris Aquino. I didn’t know na a jewelry can cost that so much. Hindi kasi ako mahilig sa jewelry, eh. Just like now, I don’t want too much to you.”

Watch the entire interview below!

Source: GMA Entertainment | Showbiz Portal 
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