Furious car owner verbally abuses garbagemen who allegedly hit his vehicle

It’s important to keep one’s composure especially in difficult situations. Letting your emotions rule over often brings a regrettable outcome. Take for example the recent Gilas-Boomers brawl. The heat of the moment and probably the adrenaline within them caused them more damage than good. Such is the case of the care owner and garbagemen in an viral video.

The man definitely didn’t understand the moral of the “basketbrawl” as he let his emotions take control of him following a small incident.  A video of him verbally assaulting garbagemen who allegedly hit his car is causing an online buzz.

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The video didn’t show how the man’s car got hit by the garbage truck. However, it seems that his car is parked on the side of the road when the truck drivers accidentally hit the back of his vehicle.

Furious, the man threw curse words at the garbage truck and its attendants. Even taunting them to complain despite him insisting that they’re the ones at fault.

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Offended by the man’s slurs, the garbagemen looked as if they’re trying to defend their side. However, the car owner only raised his voice in an attempt to scare them.

Ang hirap sa inyo eh kayo pa matapang

Throughout the video the garbagemen remained calm. They tried to reason out with the furious car driver which only angered him even more.

It got to a point where the car owner challenged one of the garbagemen to a fight. He continued throwing threats and insults as he goes back to his car as if to get something from inside. Onlookers couldn’t mediate from the heated incident because of the man’s uncontrollable temper.

Unsurprisingly, social media users condemned the unacceptable behavior of the car owner. They shared their thoughts in the comments section of the video. Here are some of the things they said:



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Watch the full video here:

HINDI PORKET BASURERO GAGANYANIN MUNA SILA.Kuya wala ka man lang puso hayop ka maliit na gasgas sa sasakyan mo parang gusto mo na silang patayin sa galit mo pwede naman idaan sa magandang usapan, tao din yang kausap mo hindi yan basta basta basurero na pwede mo ng saktan, anong sinasabi mong sila pa mayabang?sa video na ito sa tingin mo sila pa mayabang ano kuya sa tingin mo ba maganda yang ginagawa mo.Kayo na bahala humusga?© Ven Ven Limpiado 📹

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