High school teacher carries baby of female student who was taking quiz

Everyone deserves a proper education. However, it depresses us to know that many people are deprived of this basic need due to monetary predicaments and, sometimes, prejudice. Apparently, many teenage parents have this particular dilemma. Society frowns upon those who get pregnant at a young age. Thankfully, there is someone like Leodel Narvaez, a high school teacher, who proved in a small yet extraordinary way that everyone has the right to be treated equally.

Recently, Leodel successfully restored our faith in humanity by taking care of his student’s baby. Hats off to this educator for willingly taking care of his female student’s baby as she took her exam.


In a couple of photos, Leodel was seen cradling his student’s child in his arms inside the classroom. The footage was shared on Wednesday, July 4, and they were enough to instantly capture the hearts of many online users.

As of press time, the post has already managed to gather 1,200 mixed reactions and 520 shares. Tons of commendations and heartfelt remarks were also showered upon the inspiring teacher.


This high school teacher showed that educators can serve as second parents who we can rely on in times of adversity. If this isn’t enough proof of that statement, then we don’t know what else we can do to convince you.

See how netizens reacted to this inspiring incident.

SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-15 Facebook

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