How Filipinos work hard and seen in a Photographer’s eye

Many Filipinos know how hard it is to find a job that suits their preferred career.

Every year we get fresh college graduates is another year someone changes their status to unemployed.

Sometimes these people force themselves take a job they don’t really like just because it is the only one available to them.

But if a person who finished their education already has a hard time getting the right career in life, then it’s definitely more difficult for someone who hasn’t finished their education?

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We can find these people working everywhere.

Some are stuck in traffic on their way to work for big companies.

While some works on the streets selling food and water putting their life on the line.

Whatever these people’s jobs are, it’s still work. Indeed, everyone needs something to rely on to survive.

And it is overwhelming how someone has realized all these just by looking at these people.

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Dom Argana, a photographer and film student at California State University recently traveled to the Philippines to shoot a documentary in Palawan.

On his way to Manila, he even wrote, on his Facebook status how he feels saying, “Super excited for this new journey and experience.”

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Upon his stay in Palawan, he came across the Puerto Princesa Public Market last June 27 where he saw Filipino workers who are sleeping.
He decided to take a picture of them realizing how tired they are at work all day.
Then he posted the photos and tweeted,

It got viral among the Filipinos and a lot of them all share a very touching sentiment for these vendors, while some of reacted differently about the Photographer’s statement.

And after having an article posted on NextShark about it, Dom said his appreciation on his Facebook posting:

“Thank you to everyone who’ve shared your personal stories about growing up as a Filipino and the struggles you or a loved one had to overcome. I’m glad my photos resonated with a ton of people and opened up a discussion within our communities.”


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