WATCH: Pokwang’s baby Malia cheers up her lola Gloria with a hug

Many people would agree that babies bring joy to any family. The laughter of an innocent child can instantly light up a room. Consequently, A baby’s touch can console a tired and ill spirit. This is exactly what Malia, only daughter of renowned comedian Pokwang, did to her granny.

The former host and comedian posted a video of her precious daughter beside Gloria her granny. In the video Malia lied down with the gentle old lady. Despite her granny showing little to know emotion, she seems to continue to play with her even grabbing her by the hand for a short embrace.

Malia is Pokwang’s daughter to her current American partner Lee O’Brian. The comedian gave birth to her in January this year.

Even after a few days after she was born, Malia already captured the hearts of her family and fans of her mother. Her video of her first meeting with her granny Gloria melted the hearts of many as they watch their touching meeting on social media.

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Pokwang revealed that her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease continues to worsen in 2016. She told ABS-CBN that Gloria lost her memories from the disease. Consequently, this made the old lady act irrationally especially around caregivers whom she doesn’t like.

Dinadaan ko na lang sa patawa, pero sobrang lungkot ko…Wala na siyang emosyon. Tulala na siya. Ayaw na niyang kumain. Wala na siyang konsepto ng lungkot o saya.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most common brain illness in elderly people. It damages the part of the brain responsible for storing memories. Ultimately, this makes its patients forget details about their life including their ability to perform normal everyday tasks.

Luckily, Gloria has her grand daughter Malia to cheer her up even at times when she doesn’t show emotions. Followers of the actress-comedian showed their love towards her baby and mother in the comments section.

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Watch Malia and her lola’s touching moment in the video below.

Malia + Lola = L❤️VE 😊😘😘

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