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Facebook video shows two women causing a scene outside someone’s home

What would you feel if you see your loved ones helplessly pounced on by strangers? A netizen immediately shared a Facebook video showing two, rage-filled women hurting her family. It didn’t include any kind of information that could explain the cause of this chaotic situation but we feel bad for those who got injured.

Dibiang Grasya was beyond livid when she discovered that strangers came by her house and caused a scene. These two women destroyed their property and had the audacity to lay their hands on her father and grandfather.

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The angry netizen posted two video clips showing how these women scratched and kicked Dibiang Grasya’s family members. They were unbelievably hysterical and wild that you can’t help but feel bad for those who got in their way.

Bystanders were growing in numbers as the whole scene erupted into chaos. These women also brought with them a pseudo-bouncer who threatened to punch Dibiang’s father and grandfather if they ever retaliate.

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People stepped in when the stranger wearing a gray shirt kicked the old man to the ground. Mediators tried to separate everyone and did their best to calm the women down. Family members of the two men didn’t get involved because the best thing to do regarding this situation is to take the aggressors to court.

In her caption, the furious netizen wrote this:

“Hindi kayo papalagan ng daddy at lolo ko matanda n yan d makakalaban sainyo. Kapatid ko minor dika kaya labanan. They can hadle you legally magpasalamat kayo at wala ako sa bayanan ng ngyri to, mata sa mata.”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the post:

Watch the intense street fight in the Facebook video below:

Posted by Dibiang Grasya on Thursday, July 5, 2018

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