Student breathed his last breath inside a school in Misamis, Occidental

In Tangub City, Misamis Occidental, a 2nd-grade student met his untimely end when he fell down from his seat and hit his head on a rock. After the gruesome accident, the young boy was still able to stand up.

However, in a matter of seconds, he fell to the ground and people saw that his mouth was already foaming. As a result, he was declared gone upon arrival at the hospital. The principal of the school, who may be shocked by the sudden accident, relayed the information to the media.

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The school administrator said that the 7-year-old boy complained about a stomachache. His teacher, then, asked him to sit down outside their classroom. And as we all know, the accident took place after the child fell from his seat.

The student’s family is now seeking justice due to the sudden passing of their beloved child. His parents firmly believe that the school should be the one to blame for what happened to the boy.

There are those who believe that something should’ve been done as sson as the child complained about a stomachache. The teacher’s instruction to sit outside the classroom was received with doubt. It turns out that the Department of Education (DepEd) has a policy about implementing guidelines for educational facilities.

The 1975 Presidential Decree 856, or the “Code on Sanitation of the Philippines”, instructs schools to erect health facilities that can cater to a kid’s needs. Apart from these facilities, trained personnel should always be on standby.

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The teacher should have taken action instead of assigning the student to sit outside the class. We doubt that there was a lack of first-aid since it was a private school. The child should have brought to the school’s clinic upon hearing that he wasn’t feeling well.

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