A child was left and locked inside a car by his parents who went to a bar to party.

A post on the social media platform Facebook from a concerned netizen regarding the locked child went viral only a few minutes after it was posted. On the night of July 8, Sunday, the concerned netizen noticed that a child was crying inside a car that was parked near metrowalk.

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The car that the child was in is heavily tinted which unabled him to notice the child at first. However, when he was about to get in his car, the child was suddenly hitting the window of the car and his cries went louder. It is obviously a cry for help and that the child wanted to get out of the car. The poster went to check if there is someone inside with the child and was surprised to see that the child was all alone. When the concerned netizen described the situation of the child, he shared, “Nasusufocate na siya. And hindi din naka-start yung car so walang aircon. Imagine! Sa dilim ng parking area ng metrowalk maiisip mo ba na may baby sa loo ng kotse na walang kasama?”

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He added that he immediately went to find a nearby security guard to help him find the parents of the child. The owner of the car parked beside the child’s car also said that the child had been crying for a while then.

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This gained various reactions from fellow netizens. A lot has commended the concerned netizen and many has called out the irresponsible parents for locking the child inside the car. A few of the comments are the following:

“Buti na lang nakita mo brad at na curious kung hindi namatay ang bata sa sobrang hirap while nag-iinuman ang mga parents nioya na walang kasiguraduhan kung anong oras makakabalik ng kotse.”

“How irresponsible and cruel! They should have called the police to have them arrested.”

“Ako mahirap lang wala akong sasakyan pero pag dumating sa point na magkakaroon ako ng sasakyan hinding hingi ko gagawin yan sa anak ko.”

Source: Facebook

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