A mother’s love proven by giving her breast milk overseas

Breast milk is given only by our mothers who are the most important woman in our life.

They are selfless and will always put their family’s wellbeing first before them.

They go through a lot of sacrifices for their children to have a better life.

They are the only person in this world that have loved you even before you were born.

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Being a mother takes a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their child.

Whether they are stay-home moms or working ones, they will always have their own way of showing their love and affection for the human they carried for 9 months and gave life to.

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A mother’s love cannot be measured by material things like clothes and shoes.

They know how to give you more than what you need in terms of their upbringing to you.

One mom who works abroad proves all this by giving her two children what they need even if she is very far from them.

Felirose Bartolome sends her breast milk to her 2-year-old and 6-month-old babies here in the Philippines.

She believes that it still best to give her own milk that she produces upon giving birth to them.

The nutrients it gives are all natural and will help her kids have a healthy immune system.

Felirose works as a medical technologist in a hospital in Singapore.

Her first child was born in 2016 and she needed to go back to work after giving birth.

But being a first-time mom, she doesn’t want to leave her baby yet so she decided to apply for her child’s passport and she brought him to Singapore with her.

However, her baby only stayed with her for a month.

When her child went back home to Manila, she thought why not send the breast milk she had storage hoping to give it all personally to her kid for 3 months.

She does this pumping her breast for 3 to 4 hours while staying home or even when she has spare time at work and she sends them by putting it in a cooler wrapped up with lots of packaging tape to make it secure.

The breast milk she produces can lead to 40 packs with having 180 ml each.

She admits that she doesn’t care about the expenses she will make by sending them all to her children.

She is also thankful for her own mother for supporting and encouraging her to undergo this kind of breastfeeding journey.

Her mom is the one who always picks up the package she sends to her kids.

Also, she is filled with gratitude for both of her loving parents who take care of her children while she works long distance.

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Lastly, her advice to all the moms who have the same situation as her is to keep pumping and do find ways to give their own breast milk to their babies.

“Just look at your baby’s photos and videos while pumping. Happy thoughts make more let down and eventually more milk,” she said.

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