Netizen reminds others to be wary of ‘kasambahays’ who take advantage of their employers

A netizen took to Facebook to warn others of ‘kasambahays’ who take advantage of their employers.

A lengthy Facebook post by a certain female netizen, revealed how the netizen took a whole family of helpers into her home, only to find out that they have been stealing from her.

According to this netizen, she hired four kasambahays from the same family — the mother, two daughters, and a son. The mother was their laundry lady, while the son served as their errand boy. Meanwhile, the two daughters served as her son’s nanny and their household maid, respectively.

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In November 2017, the son allegedly stole a total of USD 200 and some yen from the netizen’s family. Because his mother was left in the household, the netizen made her settle her son’s debt.

However, things did not end there. The female netizen caught their house help (one of the two daughters they employed) wearing her clothes and posing as a doctor on Facebook. When the Facebook user confronted her about the things that she did, the latter allegedly took a kitchen knife and threatened her. The netizen’s mother then decided to take the kasambahay away to live with her in the meantime.

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A few months went by, and the netizen’s mother started noticing that she was losing money and a lot of valuables. Finally, the netizen and her mom decided that it would be best if they let go of their kasambahays.

Here are some of the alleged proofs that the family of helpers have been stealing from the netizen (verbatim):

1. Buying a 13k worth of phone online, pinadala sa kapitbahay, para hindi mahuli.
2. Buying online stuff like make ups and bags, again, not at par with her salary
3. [redacted], buying a plane ticket, worth 4500++, not at par and BEFORE their salary.

In the end, the netizen said:

“What they took from us are just material things. Mapapag trabahuan, mapapalitan. Pero yung ituring sila na family, even sponsor [redacted]’s daugther’s basic needs and school supply like, mula pagkain, sapatos, panty at sando, 2 years in a row. Even sponsor her dentures, for crying out loud! Sana di na maulit sa ibang papasukan nila.”

Finally, you can read her entire post here:

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