“Tatay Pidyong” to be featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

It was only last week when photos and a video of a taho vendor known as “Tatay Pidyong” went viral on social media.

Initially posted by a netizen named Kevin Cads, Tatay Pidyong’s photos touched the hearts of many netizens. According to the netizen, the vendor is already 69 years old, but he still sells taho every day like clockwork.

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Kevin then tagged GMA-7’s show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” in hopes of helping the old man. Furthermore, this prompted netizens to do the same in the comments section, asking the show to take notice of Tatay Pidyong’s plight.

Fortunately, the netizens’ clamor did not go unheeded. Today, July 8, the official Facebook page of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” posted Tatay Pidyong’s photos, a sign that they will be featuring his story to help him.

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The caption read:

“Araw-araw akong nagtitinda ng taho. Umaraw man o umulan. Talagang nahihirapan din ako kaya lang kinakaya ko na lang dahil wala namang choice eh. Kung hindi ako magtinda, wala akong makakain.”

69 taong gulang


Likewise, netizens were more than happy that the taho vendor will finally get the help he very much needs.

Finally, you can read some of their comments here:

Once again, the impact of social media has proven to be very powerful and inspiring.

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