Bus conductor shows untoward advances to woman passenger

Studies showed that for every five women, three admitted being victims of untoward advancements from men. Instead of getting lower, this number continues to rise each day. Moreover, woman victims find it hard to reprimand their perpetrators as the stigma remains in society.

Many feminist politicians advocate on the welfare of women, especially on the streets. Hence, several laws and regulations are implemented to apprehend those who violate women. Recently, a furious husband of a victim couldn’t help but take his anger to social media to bring shame to a bus conductor who allegedly who showed unwanted advancements to his wife.

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Along with a video of him confronting the bus conductor, he posted screenshots of his conversation with his wife while she was aboard the bus.

His wife informed him through text that she had to stand at the isle of the bus throughout her trip. She said she noticed that every time the bus conductor would pass by to collect fair, he would press his private area onto her.

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Furious, he asked his wife to alight the bus at a certain place so he can confront the bus conductor. When his wife got off the bus, he immediately went in search of the conductor. He hurled some curse words toward his wife’s abuser while the bus conductor continuously denied the allegations.

One witness even attested to the accusation and said that the conductor has been showing the said behavior throughout the ride. In turn, the conductor insisted that it was not his intention and the bus was just packed with people.

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Unsurprisingly, many netizens shared the anger of the Facebook user. Here’s what they have to say:

Watch the video below:

Posted by Neil Emerald Constantino Isla on Sunday, July 8, 2018

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