Netizen gets excited over Hello Kitty themed jeepney spotted in Angeles Pampanga

The Filipino jeepney has been around the country ever since the World War 2. The Americans left them in the country after the war. Later on, Filipinos turned them into public transportation vehicles. Ever since then they have been bringing generations and generations of Filipino commuters from one destination to another.

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They are originally known for being flamboyant and eye-catching due to their unique designs. Aside from their common structure, you can still tell them apart because their exterior and at times even interior designs are different from one another. It is usually the drivers and owners of the jeepneys who design them.

Some designs may include their favorite actors, sports teams, characters and even the members of their family. Of course, there are also religious designs that pay tribute to the significant figures of the Catholic church. It is really up to the owner to decide what type of design they want.

These days though, the designs of Jeepneys have started to fade and some are not as attractive as they used to be. Owners and drivers often times choose not to redecorate anymore for maybe the time used for that could instead be used to earn.

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Recently in Angeles Pampanga, it was as if the spirit of the old school jeepney came alive as netizen Jessica Salaum fangirled over a Hello Kitty Themed jeepney.

From the outside, you could see the pink highlights of the windows and the wheels. Hello Kitty is obviously painted in the back windows.

But that’s not all. When you go inside, you will get attracted to the pink seats, handles, and ceiling. It somehow looks like one of those party buses in the US.



Due to excitement, Jessica ran after the jeepney and requested to take pictures. Luckily, the driver was in a good mood and instantly allowed her. The other drivers told her to post the pictures on Facebook and look for them if ever they become famous. The post went viral received positive feedback from other netizens.

Thinking about it, maybe commutes wouldn’t be as bad if people could ride more modes of transportation that can please the eyes

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