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Netizen’s take on mental health goes viral on social media

Mental health is an issue that has been getting its fair share of awareness. Despite this, there are still a lot of people who do not know how to address it properly.

Recently, a post from a local netizen named Josh Gonzales went viral on Facebook. He attempted to send a message to educate the public regarding depression.

It started off with a quote that said “Depress pero ang saya saya sa school. What a poser”.

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He then expressed how depression had “no face”. No matter what kind of face a depressed person chooses to show you, deep down, you do not know that there is an immeasurable amount of sadness inside of them.  That even though they may appear happy when they are in school with their friends, once they come home, they feel an emptiness deep down that they cannot explain.

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Depression is seen in the simplest of things. A lot of depressed people find it hard to get up from bed in the morning because they feel a lack of purpose of doing so on that day. 

One of the saddest signs would be that even though they know that they are loved, they always feel that they are alone in their situation.

These are just some of the few signs that we need to be aware of. Mental health and depression are issues that are not to be made subjects of ridicule.

They are issues that need to be addressed and understood more, not just to be knowledgeable about it, but to be able to save a life even in the moments when you least expect it.

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