WATCH: Street children continue doing school work amid poor conditions

We all know that poverty prevails here in the Philippines. Many people find it hard to earn money for their daily needs. Some don’t even have enough cash to buy one meal in a day. That said, some poor families often keep their children out of school. Often times, it’s the children’s initiative to quit studying and focus on helping their families instead.

Netizens were touched to see these children working hard on their education despite their depressing condition. A Facebook user posted a video of these street children working on their school requirements while seeking shelter from the rain.

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The netizen did not give any further information regarding the location of the children as well as their identities. However, it is clear in the video that they try their best to make do with their present situation. They even protected their books and school items from getting wet.


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Many people commended their drive to study despite their financial status. Here are some of the things online users said:

It’s not the first time for poor Filipino children to show their academic perseverance. Plenty of stories about school boys and girls who juggle school and working to provide for their families can be found online.

One of them is Daniel Cabrera from Mandaue, Cebu City. Many people took notice of him when a photo of himself studying on the streets went around the internet. Many people commended him for being resourceful and using the light from a restaurant’s signage to read in the dark.

Another is Luxary Lumabog of Davao City, who used street lights to help her do her school work. These children were featured in many online websites and even in television shows.

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Watch the video below:

Posted by Rolando Baltazar Villanueva on Friday, July 6, 2018

SOURCE: Facebook | ABS CBN | Definitely Filipino Balita

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