Epic! Watch as Vice Ganda almost slams against a glass door

As much as he likes to play tricks on other people, Vice Ganda has also had his fair share of epic moments.

Clad in his usual street style getup, the Kapamilya comedian was feeling it in the land of Bangkok, Thailand. As always, he didn’t shy away from making his “pak awra!” moment for the ‘gram, and did so without much effort.

Well, that is, until Vice did his last turn where he almost slammed his face against the glass door of a mall. Laughtrip!

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Sorry Vice, but Bonita Penaranda, his fashion stylist and good friend, was quick to record the funny moment on Instagram. And because we rarely see the Unkabogable Star slip, the funny bit made waves online since its first upload on social media yesterday, July 8.

For the longest time, the two friends have been amusing fans with their epic trips, including this hilarious story where Vice pranked Bonita with a male organ plush toy.

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Watch some more of their moments in Bangkok here.

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