Woman protects her hard-working partner from seaman stereotypes

Allowing other people’s opinions to ruin a great relationship is deeply regrettable. No one wants to lose someone they love out of false accusations. This is why a 22-year-old woman did her best to make it up to her partner. It turns out that the man works as a seaman and she was under the impression that he was having an affair.

However, the woman realized that this was very unfair. People often think that a seaman would hop on any available side chick just to curb their loneliness. But this isn’t always the reality.

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So, in an effort to protect these hard-working people from such naughty stereotypes, the young woman posted a lengthy lecture on Facebook. It isn’t nice to always put nasty labels on these blue-collar workers just because they live far away.

“For my stand mas prone pa magloko ang mga taong nasa lupa compare sa taong nasa dagat. Kasi in land all temptations nandito like everyday may makikita kang tao or makikilala.”

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While some seamen are guilty of abusing their work to cheat on their partners, not all of them would do this. She is happy with her man who ended up as her last boyfriend. And for her last word, the young lady said that long-distance relationships are rewarding as long as you do it right.

“I learned to be satisfied sa chats and calls nya. Yep, this is my first relationship but I became more mature enough to face every trials with him at hindi madali yun.”

Read her full Facebook post below:

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to her story:

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