Drunk father kisses son’s bride in front of wedding guests in China

Parents, especially of the bride and groom, play an integral part in the wedding ceremony. As we all know, their presence never fail to send a clear and strong message of support to the newly wed couple. Sometimes, some parents even get emotional throughout the entire wedding ceremony.

In this case however, a worse-for-wear father of the groom seemingly failed to contain his feelings towards the bride when he suddenly kissed her in front of the startled wedding quests in China.

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In the trending footage, the intoxicated father-in-law forcibly kissed the bride in Yancheng City in eastern Jiangsu Province, China. The wedding guests, on the other hand, were in shock by the sudden turnout of the event.

As seen in the viral video, the drunk man can be seen with his arm around the bride walking in front of the wedding guests. Meanwhile, the bride seemed to be uncomfortable and struggling to break free from the the situation with the drunk man.

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A few moments later, the boozed-up father-in-law suddenly walked and stopped in front of the bride for a snog. Then, the people at the wedding party started hollering upon seeing the inappropriate behavior that the intoxicated father-in-law exhibited.

As of writing, the controversial footage has now reached more than 30 million views on social media. The family is continues to plead everyone to stop sharing it the video as it damages their reputation.

In an interview, the family said:

“We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newly-weds have suffered because of it too.The father-in-law, who was given too much to drink on his son’s big day, deeply regrets his actions. We ask social media users to stop sharing the videos and let our family sort this out privately.”

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Here are the comments of the netizens below:

Watch the entire footage below!

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