Gay man begs former partner to return what is rightfully his

Failed relationships aren’t easy to deal with especially if there are shared investments involved. Serious questions often hang in the air and former lovers become bitter enemies at the end of the day. Case in point – a gay man begged his former partner to return some of the things they owned before.

Gerardo Gamuroy felt distraught after his relationship with a macho dancer didn’t have a happy ending. However, in order to make things right and close this chapter of his life, the gay man asked if he could have his jewelry and investment back.

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It turns out that when they were still together, the Gerardo showered his former macho dancer beau with gifts. Most of these items were given by request but Gerardo didn’t deny that he was happy to give it. But, it turns out that they shared an investment that amounted to PHP 110,000 and this is the loot that he wants back.

Raffy Tulfo‘s team then arranged a personal meeting between the two men which got really intense. The macho dancer began denying their relationship and told Gerardo that he didn’t love him at all. Despite the pain coming from that statement, the complainant is adamant that he gets what is rightfully his.

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Gerardo begged the man to do what’s right. He poured his blood, sweat, and tears for that investment so he has the right to claim it. Apparently, they had a conversation before where the dancer said that he would return the investment if they broke up.

Sadly, things aren’t going to be that simple now that it’s happening. Exhausted and probably defeated, Gerardo said that he was willing to split it. He gets the gold jewelry while the man gets to keep the car.

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