Checkout the hilarious yet genius thing this husband did to fix his wife’s broken pan

The husband commonly acts as the family’s handy man. They often take care of the little things that need fixing. Mothers and their children turn to them whenever they need to have something done that requires manual labor. However, in order to be an effective handy man, husbands also need to be resourceful.

Such is the story of this Facebook user who shared her husband’s ingenuity. When she noticed that one of the pans in her kitchen had a broken handle, she immediately sought the help of her trusty handyman. However her other half came up with a unique way of fixing their cookware to keep its handle permanently in place.

“Sabi nya mahal yan 100 isa nyan, ikaw lang may ganyan”

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The wife narrated that called her husband to fix their pan while he was busy setting up his new motorcycle. Ten minutes after she gave him the task, he went back to his wife with the pan fixed.

Instead of normal screws, her husband used motorbike screws and bolts to keep their pan’s handle in place. He even told his wife that the material used to fix their cookware cost him one hundred pesos each. In turn, his wife got impressed with what he did. She even shared a joke asking him to add “jettings” to the pan to speed up cooking time.

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Consequently, her post soon went viral on social media. As of writing, 11K netizens have already liked an shared her funny posts.

Along with commendations about her husband’s brilliant yet funny idea, others laughed along with them. Here are some of the things they had to say:

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