Six criteria to know that you married a responsible husband

Ladies, if you think you’ve found the one, then check this list first to see if your future life partner fits all the qualities found in a responsible husband. Just in case your guy matches most — or better yet, all — of these qualities, then you’ve found yourself a keeper.

1. He does household chores, too.

If he helps you clean the dishes, wash the laundry, or simply sweep the floor, then he is being respectful and thoughtful of your health and well-being.

2. He looks after his pregnant wife or partner.

People have this idea that if a man takes care of his pregnant partner, he must really, really love her. Most importantly, this is the phase when women are irritable and more emotional. Thus, men have to be more patient with their partners.

3. He hands his salary over to his wife.

Generally speaking, a marriage is happier if the family matriarch is the one who takes care of the finances.

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4. Faithfulness

There is no further explanation needed as to why loyalty is the fruit of a happy relationship.

5. His money is spent on his wife and family.

If your partner or husband spends his hard-earned money on you, then that means he really cares about you and your family.

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6. He always remembers his partner’s birth date.

Your birthday is among the most important days in your life and only comes once a year, so it’s best that you celebrate it with the most special person in your life. This is why it’s such a pleasant feeling knowing that your beloved knows when your birthday is.

Here are some of the netizens comment:

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It’s worth noting that relationships are complex and it really is up to you and your partner to figure what it is you two love about each other. While having a responsible husband or wife at your side is important, what matters most is that you two love and respect each other.

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