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 #BucketlistCheck: Alice Dixson shares first flying lesson on Instagram

Seasoned actress Alice Dixson ticked off an item from her bucket list after she had her first flying lessons. On Instagram, the 48-year-old actress shared with her followers how she had a  blast during her first plane take off.

She wrote,

“Fly lesson 101: (check emoji) bucket list. My very 1st take off! Rotate” means guide the nose of the airplane up.”

Based on the short clips that she shared on social media, it seems like Alice Dixson is a fast learner. Aside from learning how to put the plane in motion, she also managed to take off the plane — under the guidance of her captain teachers.

The captains’ made me change to the co-pilot seat so I could land the plane. And this my 1st approach to the runway.

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Moreover, in another post, the actress shared how she enjoyed her first flying experience.

“My 1st landing attempt was a bumpy one!!! But wow the feeling was like over the moon. Thank you to our captain friends that guided us… you know who you are haha [ video credit] (at) sharonwque. Today the world… tomorrow the universe lol, I’m coming [hashtag] spaceX “

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Furthermore, she added:

In a land far far away… That look of wonderment and awe of doing something amazing for the first time!”

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If you want to watch Alice Dixson’s first full flying lesson, check out her IGTV — coming soon!

For now, here are some of the sneak peek of her flying experience below:


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