BUSTED! Man’s shoe camera inteded for taking upskirt videos of women explodes

We read a lot of stories about people showing untoward advancements to women almost daily. Well, this is no longer surprising since there are really a lot of “disgraceful” individuals out there. Nevertheless, we know that the plans of the wicked will come to nothing. Such is the story of this man who attached a camera on his shoes to peer up the skirts of women in Madison, Wisconsin. Fortunately, the “Peeping Tom’s” camera battery exploded before he could even to capture any malicious video.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said in his blog post that they no longer apprehended the 32-year-old man since he wasn’t able to use the camera for voyeurism.

He said he had purchased a shoe camera that he intended to use to take upskirt videos of females, but the camera battery exploded prior to obtaining any video.” 

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Based on the report on Wisconsin State Journal, the man gained injuries due to the untoward incident.

The man’s foot was injured in the battery explosion, which occurred when he was trying out the camera at home”

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Moreover, the police officer said that after the explosion happened, the man got treatment for minor injuries. Consequently, he then disclosed what happened to his mentor, which is a clergyman. 

Case in point, the latter advised and convinced the man to confess what happened to the police.

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According to our source, there is a law in  Wisconsin that prohibits the use of devices to record other people without there permission. Those caught in the act will be put in a correctional facility for three years. In addition, the government fines them at $10,000.

In light of this, netizens, of course, wasted no time feasting on the imbecility of the indecent guy:



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