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Writer poignantly describes elderly man’s farewell to departed wife

For someone grieving over the unwelcome passing of a loved one, the term “painful” is an understatement. Case in point, this poignant story of an elderly man could shatter our hearts into a million pieces.

According to Newsner, Bobby Moore lost his wife of 59 years, Jerry. There he was, sitting next to his deceased spouse’s casket for hours. Although exhausted, he showed unimaginable strength just to be near the love of his life.

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The setup was adorned with lush flowers sent by their friends and family. Bobby didn’t seem to mind any of it, however. All he did was caress his departed wife’s cold palm and brush the strands of her hair with his fingers.

His affectionate act wouldn’t bring her back to life, obviously, but it was certainly pacifying for the elderly man. Countless times he whispered to her, “I know you can’t hear me, but I love you.”

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If you’ve ever lost a loved one, then you must feel sympathy for Bobby’s plight. For writer and photojournalist, April Yurcevic Shepperd, who was at the wake, what she saw served as evidence that true love exists.

She wrote:

“Today, I witnessed a story of love. Not the type of love shared by young people who are half full of passion, topped off with hormones. It was not the type of dewy love experienced by newlyweds who are enthralled with the idea of exclusive devotion and the happily ever after.

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Read April’s entire composition below.

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