Lovi Poe Tries To Speak A Different Dialect. Must-watch!

Lovi Poe is one of the most talented celebrities out there. It’s already no wonder to start with, since she’s got her genes from the King of Filipino Cinema, the late Fernando Poe Jr. and model Rowena Moran. But it’s always so amusing how she can sing, dance, and even act flawlessly.

Her impeccable acting chops has been noticed in movies such as Sagrada Familia, where she received her first acting award, as Best Actress in no less than Famas Awards. She can effortlessly pull off both a protagonist and antagonist role. In the film, The Significant Other, she played the main character who was being cheated on by his husband, played by Tom Rodriguez. While in the film, The Escort, she played the seductive sultress, Yassi who captured Derek Ramsay’s character’s attention.

Yet when the camera is off, and she has settled in her house, she still maintain an aura of humility and being down to earth. A proof of this is a video posted in Youtube where her relationship with her helpers are seen. The helpers are very comfortable around her. She is very courteous when she asks help from them.

One of the parts of the video shows Lovi trying to muster the Visayan language, while her helpers are teaching her. The commenters were swayed by how adorable she sounds and looks like while speaking Visaya. Although, it is not her mother tongue, she tries really hard to learn the language and also bond with her helpers.

She may be a big star but in her house she seems like a normal person. Of course, the abover average lifestyle can’t be denied, given that she is a celebrity but her sweetness and cheerful personality also shines true.

If you also want to see her speak Visayan, don’t miss this cute video.

Here are some of netizens reaction:

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