Herbert Bautista parody account sends good vibes when classes weren’t called off

Mayor Herbert Bautista is easily one of the more popular politicians in the country, especially when it comes to the youth.

If you are unaware, Quezon City has always been one of the places that would suspend last whenever there’s a typhoon in the country.

When the rain starts to pour, students cramming for their exams or simply catching up on sleep look to one man. His name is the first one that pops up in every student’s mind whenever a single raindrop falls to the earth late at night and most of the time, he “delivers”.

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Known for his last-minute early morning suspensions and so-called “clutch gene”, Mayor Herbert  Bautista or “Papa Herbs,” as most people call him in these situations, has easily become a social media personality as well. He has had his own fair share of surprisingly entertaining accounts in this day and age.

In recent events, a lot of students were disappointed as Papa Herbs did execute “clutch” canceling of classes. Due to this, a lot of people, specifically students, went on to social media to rant about his decisions.

One of his more popular parody pages has recently gone viral as the account admin using the name of Mayor Herbert Bautista interacted with some of the students who commented on his recent posts. It got a lot of positive reactions from its followers.


After a while, he started posting more suspension related status updates and the fan page went crazy.

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Of course, we all shouldn’t believe that this is the real Mayor talking. Apparently, he also posts hilarious posts regarding him and a certain celebrity with whom he was paired with in the past.

He posts hugot messages and memes about recent events as well. I guess this is the giveaway that this is indeed a parody account.

Nonetheless, it was still a very entertaining turn of events and in a way, maybe those who woke up early to see if there was a sudden suspension still got something to smile about despite not getting what they originally wanted.

All in all, I think it is clear that Filipinos really find humor in anything they do, whatever that situation may be.

We would like to commend Mayor Herbert Bautista for always doing a good job as Mayor and for being a good sport with his social media status.

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