CCTV footage of fistfight involving Terrence Romeo surfaces

A week after his national team’s salacious brawl against the Australia Boomers, Gilas Pilipinas player Terrence Romeo got involved in yet another scuffle at a bar in Quezon City. In a video clip revealed on Twitter, an unidentified man approached the pro basketball star’s group a few moments before the fistfight ensued.

Following the clash, Romeo was spotted being shielded by the authorities amidst the mobbing media personnel. The Gilas player was taken to QCPD Station 10 where he finally left a few remarks about the incident. According to him, the CCTV footage will show what really happened at the venue.

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Shortly after, Romeo furthered that he wasn’t apprehended and asked the people to not make a big deal out of what went down.

“im in my house right now. Im not held up in any [redacted] or station. No need to make a fuss. Watch the cctv i believe its somewhere in social media right now. I didnt do anything. Let the video speak for itself. Anyway both camps are okay naman na.”

Watch the footage below to find out what really transpired during that night:

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PHOTO SOURCE: 1-12 Twitter | 13 Twitter  | 15 Instagram

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