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Grade school teacher shares the heart-rending letter given to him by an absentee student

When life gets rough, know that we can also ask for guidance and comfort from our teachers – our second parents – and they will promptly lend a helping hand. A teacher’s role may seem a bit simple and fleeting, to some. But their efforts to shape us, to lead us to our calling, as well as their highly-praised compassion prove that they play a big part in our lives.

Take it from a recent news involving a teacher from Nueva Ecija and a young student who was absent. How heart-rending it was to learn about the pupil’s plight, a major predicament why she couldn’t attend her class.

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The educator named Christian Jay Padilla Ordoña from Bongabon National High School, shared the heart-wrenching conversation he had with his student on Facebook. He showed empathy towards the poor girl who was forced to skip first period because of unavoidable circumstances. It was also revealed in the post that the student shyly handed Christian a letter to explain why she was absent.

Alas, she couldn’t attend the class because she didn’t have an allowance. Her hand-written message was brief, but she was conspicuously apologetic.

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Eventually, Christian’s post went viral on social media and online sites. Netizens were immediately moved by the student’s dilemma and tons of people also praised the teacher for understanding the child’s situation and embarrassment.

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What capped the amazing reception was that a lot of online users chipped in to send monetary assistance to the schoolgirl so that she won’t be absent in class anymore. Truly, moments like this are what restore our faith in humanity.

See how netizens reacted to this story:

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