Meet Kathleen Hermosa, the older and equally beautiful sister of Kristine Hermosa

The word “hermosa” in Spanish means “beautiful” or “lovely.” If you’re asked about the most beautiful Filipino actresses of all time, Kristine Hermosa is surely on the list. Do you think that there’s some sort of coincidence at work here? Well, we don’t think so.

It turns out that Kristine Hermosa isn’t the only one wearing her name with pride. Surprisingly, the “Bagani” star has an older sister who’s equally as beautiful and as talented as her. If you’ve tuned in on the high-rating drama series “The Good Son” then you probably know who this person is.

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In a family of two or more children, there’s no doubt that sibling comparison would happen. But all humans have individual characteristics that make them unique. There’s no need to worry about having the same last name with someone like Kristine because everyone is special in their own way.

Kathleen Hermosa, the older child between the two, is also a famous celebrity. If you can recall, she was a part of the show called “That’s Entertainment.” As we mentioned before, Kathleen was also part of the successful Kapamilya show, “The Good Son.”

Kathleen admitted that she knows Kristine was immersed more in the limelight than her. This proved to be quite difficult to swallow back then because the actress thought that her younger sister’s fame would dominate hers.

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Now. Kathleen Hermosa knows that her sister’s support is more important than any rivalry. Her pictures on social media are now generating buzz ever since people found out about their relationship. Upon finding out that they’re sisters, netizens agree that they are both beautiful and there should be no comparison done.

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