Have you seen the awesome dance moves Liza Soberano showcased in “Bagani?”

When we say the word Liza Soberano, you would immediately think of the words “beautiful,” “demure,” and “ladylike.” This young actress has also proven through live shows and interviews that she’s everybody’s sweetheart. With this in mind, it’s hard to think of any situation where the “Bagani” star would act crazy and wild.

However, the primetime series starring the beautiful Liza Soberano has taken a rather creative direction. When we first saw the promo for “Bagani,” most viewers thought that the fantasy series would take a more serious tone through and through.

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However, it seems like comedy was definitely in mind of the production team when they filmed this series. The action scenes featured in the show convinced many audiences that there would be no hint of jokes involved. But after recent controversial moments, it seems like we are wrong.

Who could ever forget the unusual Baybayin chant that Dimples Romana’s character uttered? “Mekeni Mekeni Dug Dug Doremi” instantly became viral as it turned into the laughingstock of the country. Netizens weren’t afraid to mock the show and use the chant for witty memes and statements.

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And it didn’t end there! It’s as if the primetime show took itself less seriously and welcomed the idea of being comedic as well. Funny dance moves were created and used in critical situations. It was truly surprising to see that even Liza Soberano got into the trend.

Channeling her inner Maricel Soriano, the young celebrity shook her hips and arms to open up a portal. We have to give props to this talented lady because she did the ridiculous choreography all while sporting a serious face!

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the post:

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