Moving on from your crush is the hardest pill to swallow

The heavens would come crashing down if you confessed your feelings to your crush – who isn’t interested in you. But, we all hold on to that chance at redemption and hope our crush changes their mind. To put it a simply, a female netizen revealed her affection to her crush, but the boy happens to have a partner.

After being tight-lipped about your feelings, it is better to stay in the safe zone, or rather risk yourself to take the big leap. A confession may either bring relief, because you finally let it out; disappointment, due to rejection, or come what may if it results in a mutual feeling with the person you adore.

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Unfortunately, if your crush’s response was “I’m in a relationship, I’m sorry”, then what better ways could Waze or Google Earth give you to move forward. It’s simply you can not escape the results, you have to bear the truth – an ugly truth. It’s a hard pill to swallow but the best medication would be acceptance and an album of that old Taylor Swift sad music.

Or to take on the easy road, reply with a templated text and tell your crush it is just a social experiment for a thesis entitled “How Millenials React to Sudden Confessions”. Even without any review of related literature, your one-liner may be a smooth way to bounce back from the rejection.

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If any person would finish a research study such as this, then nobody will fall anymore into a dark dimension called ‘friend zone’. Persons who are entrapped in this place might have gone into a month-long of crying, affected egos, or loss of interest in risking again. Authorities have still not recovered any person in the said place.

At least have yourself an appreciation letter for your bravery. No matter if it was a failure or success, just like in lotto draws, the more entries are the more chances of winning. So, keep on trying and scratch that one name of your puppy love into your long lists of choices.

According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation, it is fine to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure.

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