Grandma in Hong Kong proves that working has no age limit

Senior citizens often are the ones who experience age discrimination when it comes to finding a job. Stereotyped as weak, frail and forgetful, anyone who reached the ages of 40-60 fall prey to this mentality. Truly, inequality is everywhere in the Philippines. For example, workers at the mall are mostly younger people. Employers often only hire young people based on their educational background rather than the skills of older workers. Recently, a viral post featuring a grandma is hoping to change our perceptions of our senior citizens.

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On Facebook, a netizen’s post became viral about a grandma who works at the famous fast food restaurant Jollibee located in Hong Kong. It gained a lot of attention from the Filipino community voicing their admiration towards the old woman.

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Netizens commended the strong elderly lady – being able to work as a waitress, despite her old age. Netizens also praised the branch of Jollibee in Hong Kong for not having an age limit for the people who want and are willing to work for themselves.

The Netizen said in her post that the reason why most Filipino citizens chose to work and live abroad is that because they are slaves in their own country. You’ll even get judged by being lazy when in fact there’s just really no work available for you to take.

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In the comment section, they also share their disappointment for the Philippines for not having the same equality other countries have. They wish Filipinos could also have this kind of privilege in their own nation. Here are some of their comments:

However, in the year 2016, DOLE stated an issue regarding this. According to RA 10911 or also known as the “Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act”, employers are prohibited from hiring workers based on age. Because of this, when you experience a discrimination you can file a report and sue the employer or the company you are applying to.

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