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Japanese mother uses art to show the world her experiences in motherhood

A Japanese mother recently trended because of her unique way of sharing what motherhood is like. She executed this by sharing her experiences with a physical representation that aimed to show its dept. Dubbed “The Mother as a creator“, this collection of black and white photos shows a deeper perspective of motherhood through the eyes of a mom. The artist’s website say these viral pics were from “2001-2014 and going on.”

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She made a time-tunnel artwork featuring different photos taken annually to see the development of her relationship with her son. The mother tries to send “a new depiction/visualization of Motherhood” to her viewers who look at the images.

With the physical representations right in front of her, it is easy to see the development of her relationship with her son.

She believes that people get chained down by their stereotypical thoughts on motherhood. Her family wishes to continue this way of sharing the experience in order to deepen peoples’ ideas about it.

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Her article received a lot of positive reactions from its readers. Hopefully, it gave them a more in-depth idea of the message that she was trying to send.


Motherhood is an experience that lasts more than a lifetime. In the end, what matters most is the beautiful story that it creates between the mother and her children.

Let us give a hand to all the mothers who devote their entire lives to show us love in all ways that they can.

Truly, these photos capture the the unique joys only a mother can feel.

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