John Lloyd Cruz shows off his simple meal and 40-peso haircut

As we all know, John Lloyd Cruz is one of the most iconic actors of his generation. With his numerous projects such as movies, commercials and TV shows, the actor has made his mark in the lore of Philippine show business. What made him stand out was his boy next door look and simple non-flashy get up. These are his trademark attributes that his supporters have grown to love through the years.

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These days, JLC has not been as active as he was back in the late 90s and early 2000’s. He hasn’t starred in any new movies recently, as compared to before when it felt like he had one project coming up after another. It’s also difficult to recall hearing someone say the iconic “Ingat!” on television in recent times. This just makes one want to ask, where is the renounced actor now?

Luckily, in this age of social media, fans are still updated (somehow) of their old idol’s whereabouts. For one, we all know he is now in a relationship with co-celebrity Ellen Adarna. But what’s been making a buzz lately are his latest Instagram posts.

Recently, John Lloyd posted photos on his Instagram that caught the attention of many. The one that got most noticed was his photo captioned “hapunan“, which featured a simple traditional Filipino meal mainly composed of dried fish and spiced vinegar. The next post showed a picture of his family enjoying the meal outside of their house  eating via-“kamayan”. JLC captioned it with “this is my family and we live just outside your opinion.”

Aside from this, he also posts a picture with the owner of Bellini’s in Cubao, Roberto Bellini saying “roberto bellini & i, the only paparazzi i love.” Giving more signs that he is truly shying away from the spotlight.

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One of his fans on social media posted a photo of him getting a 40-peso haircut somewhere in Cebu. The actor got there on his bike wearing everyday clothes, shorts, and a baseball cap.

The said posts got a lot of positive reactions and support from netizens all over the country.

John Lloyd may have had a great time with his stint in the limelight but it seems as if he is having the time of his life away from it as well. I guess his simple get up will never fail to charm his supporters.

Watch the video below:

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