Somebody tell Magui Ford Planas to join showbiz, please!

Karla Estrada has a family of artistahin like herself. Her firstborn with Rommel Padilla, Daniel Padilla, is currently one of the most in-demand stars in showbiz. On the other hand, her daughter with politician Mike Planas, Magui Ford Planas, is being encouraged to follow in their footsteps.

And with all that she can offer, we can’t see why Magui shouldn’t.

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Her looks is a mix of her mom and dad’s beautiful genes.

Leave it to Magui to pull off Korean fashion!

Just when you think that she’s just a pretty face, Magui will surprise you with her flair for music and sports. Apparently, Daniel’s half-sister knows how to play the piano. Moreover, she’s a varsity player in their school as one of the best in their volleyball team.

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It isn’t a coincidence then that Karla’s daughter has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Now, magine if she decided to become an artista!

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