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Sopit Soonthrontanasatit keeps body at shape despite elderly age at 55

Getting wrinkles and white hairs are inevitable as we grow older. However, you can maintain your beauty at any age, so long as you maintain your confidence. These signs reminds Sopit Soonthrontanasatit that her youthful days have ended. As we enter the old age, we have to maintain our body’s health, hair, and skin.

Internet users were surprised as they saw photos of an elderly woman donned in swimwear outfits. Some have mistakenly thought of Sopit Soonthrontanasatit as a model because of her beautiful looks. She resides in Bangkok, Thailand and finished her studies at Dhurakij Pundit University.

The public was speculating to discover Sophit’s real age, and according to her Facebook account, she is 55 years-old.

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Meanwhile, a certain Facebook user shared her photos which went viral yesterday that garnered 27,000 likes and 67, 423 shares. Many people were shocked after seeing this beautiful elderly lady. Some wished to have the same body in their senior age. Sophit revealed that she drinks plenty of water each day to keep her body hydrated and look natural.

Sophit also creates vlogs via YouTube since 2015, wherein she flaunts beautiful Thai fabrics for some fashion advice. In addition to Sophit’s other social media feeds, her Instagram handle is (sopit_nong), while also followed by 15,687 Facebook users.

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It couldn’t hurt to use several prescription creams – that can reduce the number of wrinkles and liver spots on the face caused by exposure to the sun. Sophit’s age only passes, but her beauty still remains.

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