This mysterious hillock inside a house in Iloilo City turns out to be a termite mound

Like in any other nationalities, we, Filipinos have our own beliefs or pamahiin. In fact, for decades, we have been preserving these beliefs from our ancestors. And one of the most common beliefs that we Filipino children have grown up hearing and believing in is the nuno sa punso”. 

Notably, Filipinos believe that elves or “nunos” dwell in anthills or in the middle of the woods. That is why, elders usually advise the children to repeatedly say “tabi-tabi po, makikiraan lang po“ when passing through these certain areas.

However, what will you do if the supposed house of these mythical creatures happened to be found inside your home? Well, let’s take it from the experience of the Puga family, who apparently is living in a house with a mysterious hillock in Iloilo City. 

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Based on the report of “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho”, the Puga family has been living inside a house with a 6-feet long and 5-meter wide anthill. For the past six years, the family noticed that the mound continues to grow, occupying a bigger space in their home. However, since they are firm believers of superstitions, they did not bother destroying the hillock. They believe that there are mythical creatures dwelling on it.

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As for Tatay Emilio Puga Sr., he believes that the “punso” gives them the fortune.

“Ang sabi raw ng mga matatanda pagka ang punso nasa loob ng bahay, buwenas daw yun”. 

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However, according to Crop Protection Chief  Ryan Rasgo, the “punso” inside the house is just a termite mound.

Nevertheless, amidst the advice of the local authority to eradicate the mound. Tatay Emilio remains firm in his decision to keep the hillock from growing inside their home.

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