Paco Larrañaga – the man put behind bars for a crime he allegedly didn’t commit

There are many stories of despicable injustice that revolve around the corrupt government system we have in the Philippines. However, one of these tales seemed to resurface after being pushed down to secrecy all these years. It involves a man named Paco Larrañaga who was a young 19-year-old boy back then, living a carefree life until he was charged with the disappearance of the Chiong sisters.

It started with a viral Facebook post that claims to have all the right details about their story. He was by no means a perfect person. This once-young man liked to drink and cause trouble. However, the direction Paco Larrañaga’s life suddenly took will make you think if he deserved it at all.

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On the night that Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong went missing, sources were confident that Paco was drinking with his friends. He was far away from all the horrors that the Chiong family endured. However, the young man was taken by the police who accused him of being the case’s prime suspect.

Despite no strong evidences linking this allegedly innocent person to anything, local authorities were convinced that he was responsible for the gruesome fate that Marijoy and Jaqueline ended up with. Did you know that they even denied him the right to testify on court?

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Things only get worse from there. Sadly, this person, who now happens to be a man, is still behind bars. If you want to know more about the unfortunate tale of Paco, Marijoy, and Jacqueline – you could always watch “Give Up Tomorrow.” It’s documentary film that tries to expose the horrendous trial that excluded to think about human rights.

To Paco, if you are innocent, then live by your mantra: “Give Up Tomorrow” and put it on repeat day after day.

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Source: The Canlaw Report

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