“Teen King” Daniel Padilla shares the insides of his modern Mediterranean mansion

For families who have been renting instead of owning, all dream to have a home, they could call their own. Everyone knows that it is expensive to buy a house and lot let alone construct one. This is why being able to do so is very fulfilling. This is what Teen King, Daniel Padilla must’ve felt when he was able to provide a home for his family.

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The Kapamilya actor and recording artist proudly let people get a preview of his modern Mediterranean mansion. His property is located at a private subdivision in Fairview, Quezon City.

For 25 years, Daniel’s mother, Carla Estrada had been renting for a place to live with her children. For the first time, she can finally be at peace knowing that she and her family have a place they own. Daniel happily shared his blessings to Carla and his siblings, JC, Magui, and Lelay.

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According to the architect, Marie-Louie Torres-de Leon, the 1,000 square meter property has a cozy and comfortable modern Mediterranean style. This is seen from it’s beautiful facade to its incredible interior. In the mansion you’ll see the following:

Dodge Challenger

Photo Credit: Artistanow
Photo Credit: Artistanow

Daniel revealed that his dream car was a black Dodge Challenger that he now has. Even shared that he talked to a fellow Kapamilya actor, Enrique Gil upon seeing his Camaro.

“Nauna si Enrique sa akin! Sabi ko, ‘Sobrang solid ng kotse mo, men! Inggit ako!”

After purchasing his dream car, he and Enrique drove around after their Sunday noontime show “ASAP.”

Recreational Area

This area includes a basketball court and a covered billiards area.


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The lanai is the perfect place for guests during a breezy day. It is located near the front door with a swinging bench and three wooden seats.

Double Doors

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A true mansion, like Daniel’s, don’t have regular single doors but double doors. Architect Marie-Louie revealed that she was planning to use bronze glass panes for the doors. But, the queen of the house requested to have colorfully stained glass panels instead.

First Floor

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The first floor of the house includes a living area with an elevated seating area meant for business meetings. There’s also a dining area and an open kitchen.

Living area

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Furnished with a beige sala set from Philux and fully upholstered seats is the only way to go for this house. The large windows are also covered with taupe and white-colored curtains.

The elevated seating area was another request from Carla. She wanted to use it specifically for business meetings with her clients and partners. It is fully furnished with black tufted chairs from Home Depot.

Dining Area

Photo Credit: Artistanow
Photo Credit: Artistanow

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This area is furnished with a rustic wooden dining set from Abubot. Knowing that they have a big family, it has 10 chairs around a long wooden table, which are often used.


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For the Kitchen, Daniel and Carla wanted more bricks into their home. Architect Marie-Louie was visualizing something different but decided but decided to put up a metal archway covered with stone cladding from EZ Rocks instead. She also agreed upon another request to have mahogany wood for the kitchen. According to Carla, the color reddish brown makes the place feel warm and homey.

Second Living Area

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On the second floor is another living area. This is a much more private and informal place compared to the first living area. This is where Carla’s children hang out and watch TV.

Second Dining Area

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They also have another dining area with a classic and traditional setting. It allows the family to have breakfast, snack, or quick meals.

Carla’s Bedroom

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The queen of the house’s bedroom is furnished with a four-poster bed, fully upholstered armchair, and several other comfortable seats.

Master Bathroom

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The master bathroom and walk-in closet both has a lighted vanity mirror and red accent chair. It’s perfect for women putting their makeup on. The master bathroom has a shower area with a mosaic tile column separated by a glass enclosure. The corner has a whirlpool bathtub and other high-end fixtures.

Secret Room

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One of the interesting parts of the house is behind the bookshelf filled with The Beatles memorabilia. This is a secret door that leads to the Teen King’s bedroom. According to Daniel, it only opens with the right security code which everyone in the house knows.

Daniel’s Bedroom

Photo Credit: Artistanow
Photo Credit: Artistanow

Since his mother decided on the Meditteranean-style home, he decided to have stones, bricks, and rustic materials for his bedroom. And although it’s a big house, Daniel shares his room with his younger brother, JC.

Entertainment Room

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This area was intended to be a walk-in closet for Daniel. However, the actor had other ideas. He requested that instead of a walk-in closet, he wanted to have an entertainment room for his brother and their friends.

Based on the interior and thought put into Daniel’s mansion, it is safe to say that it is clearly meant to be shared to their closest family and friends. It’s how a true home should be, cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.

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