This Social Media Celebrity’s New Preference Made Netizens Rejoice!

Philippines as a conservative country has a huge indifference towards LGBTQ people. Yes, we tolerate them but fact be told it’s still a long stretch to go before we can say that we totally respect them.

They have been demanding for equal rights for years now, but as we can see the SOGIE bill is still in the plenary and there has been a ruse of endless debates one after another between our legislators but there’s no concrete action still.

We never celebrate when one confessed to being part of the third gender but we rejoice when one reverts. A concrete example of that is the case of JM Calbonilla.

JM has been one of the viral lesbians in social media, due to her good looks. She used to sport a boy cut and even dressed as a boy. Of course, at that time she was convinced that her preference were other women. And boy, did she succeed because of her good and manly looks she was able to get herself some girlfriends along the way.

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Many people thought that JM was astounding. Some netizens commented that they would never have guessed that she is a lesbian if she happens to come across them in the street. Some girls even developed an infatuation with her, saying they wouldn’t mind jumping ship if she would pursue them. Then there are those who are critical of her because of her gender preference, telling her how she wasted her good looks by aspiring to be a boy and a handful of people quoting the Bible and how the Divine only created Adam and Eve and not Steve.

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Surprisingly at the turn of this year, JM seemed to have a turning of leaves. In her post which she captioned 1/365 she showed that she now has feminine looks. It seems that she realized what her true preference is and decided to go the “straight” path.

JM was really attractive. Her long locks and effeminate gestures would surely make a man fall to his feet. She also shared her journey from being a lesbian to being a woman.

The netizens were all praising her decision. They were cheering because the change despite being drastic was for the better. No more critical comments, all were in love with the new JM.

Now that’s a typical Pinoy scenario. We still would choose the binary genes and genders over the spectral ones. And although this is not bound to change in the near future, maybe we should practice more discretion in judging and in our preference as well.

Yung Titibo-Tibo noon. Dyosa na ngayon. 🙂 – Video by: JM Viray Calbonilla

Posted by Pinoy Tambayan Ko on Friday, November 3, 2017

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Gender is fluid after all, and you really can’t tell.

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