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    A loving son asks netizens on Facebook to help his sick mother

    Recently, Jhay Ar Melon Quisay Jr., a concerned son, went viral on Facebook. He recorded a video of his mother, who has a disease, undergoing one of her episodes. In his post, he asks for the eyes and ears of people to spread awareness about their situation. READ MORE ON OUR WEBSITE – Viral video shows a drunk […] More

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    Japanese mother uses art to show the world her experiences in motherhood

    A Japanese mother recently trended because of her unique way of sharing what motherhood is like. She executed this by sharing her experiences with a physical representation that aimed to show its dept. Dubbed “The Mother as a creator“, this collection of black and white photos shows a deeper perspective of motherhood through the eyes of […] More

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    A child scared of her mother hides behind teacher

    A mother is the most lovable figure on earth. They have sacrificed so much even to the point of putting their lives on the line for us. Aside from this, mothers also forgive their children despite the many times they choose to be stubborn. At the end of the day, we all know that we’ll […] More

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    A mother’s love proven by giving her breast milk overseas

    Breast milk is given only by our mothers who are the most important woman in our life. They are selfless and will always put their family’s wellbeing first before them. They go through a lot of sacrifices for their children to have a better life. They are the only person in this world that have […] More

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    Thai Beauty Queen Kneeled Down to Honor Her Mother

    Imagining being a beauty queen makes you think to have all the royalty’s benefits of just being the most beautiful woman who has won a pageant. But what we sometimes forget is that these beauties around the globe also have a story to tell. Before getting the crown and people’s admiration, beauty queens are just […] More

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